St Elizabeth church steeple against a blue sky and trees on its left and right

Parish groups

We welcome English speakers in many of our groups! Especially starting the Sunday evening English mass you are very much welcome to form groups. Here are some existing groups:

  • Early Birds: The community of the weekdays 7.30 masses (

  • Mom & Tot for both HUN-ENG speaker families!

  • Mothers prayer group in English

  • Youth Club for both HUN-ENG speakers

  • Caritas,  for both HUN-ENG speakers

  • Seniors Club  for both HUN-ENG speakers

  • Scola Cantorum Choir for both HUN-ENG speakers

  • Youth Choir for both HUN-ENG speakers. We are especially looking for singers and musicians for the Sunday evening mass!

More information at the office (416) 225-3300 ext 21, and in the Bulletin